Personal Mail International, Inc.
White Glove – Personal Service

How it Works

In order to begin the process of forwarding your mail, you first need to set up a Personal Mail International, Inc. mailing address. Once your mail comes in, it will be collected by our mail concierge and forwarded to the address that you provide. Your mail will be sent in adherence with your directions for items to ship, frequency of dispatch, and method of shipment. Whether you are moving overseas for an extended period of time or just to Florida for the winter, your mail will follow you.

Sign up for service by filling out our enrollment form, and USPS Form 1583, click the sign up button below.  Please note that there are two components to our pricing plans. The first component is your Service Plan (White Glove, White Glove Ambassador, etc.) and the second component is your shipping options (Courier Express, USPS Priority, etc). A complete list of plans and shipping options is shown on our Plans & Pricing page.



To learn more about Personal Mail International contact us through our website by clicking here, email us at, or call us at 973-543-6001 or toll free at 800-548-3622.